Artwork of 3-Ply BioArmor medical mask

Personal Protection Equipment Partnerships!

MedStarNW has partners available to deliver USA-made medical grade 3-ply masks ready for your non-surgical use today.  Read More… Personal Protection Equipment Partnerships!

CoronaVirus photo (courtesy CDC)

COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, we are grateful for your front-line service and efforts in our medical community!  We pray for your safety and health daily.  We want to update our customers and friends on our policy and activities during the stay-at-home order. Read More… COVID-19 Update

Spire CBD oil display

Spire, the CBD product line for Professionals. Covered by Insurance too!

Would you like to offer a medical grade CBD product grown, processed, packaged and supported by partners you can trust? Make sure your patients are getting pharmaceutical grade CBD products that are safe and more effective than dispensary, retail and Read More …

JAS Elbow Brace

JAS Elbow Brace

Kinesio Tape Shoulder therapy

Kinesio tape

Knee Brace rehab

Knee Brace

Electrode therapy


Hip Trac patient lying down

HipTrac Patient Using Brace

Stem Cell therapies

Stem Cell Therapies