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MedStar NW's commitment to treating patients with respect and supporting them in achieving optimum outcomes is unmatched in the industry. With our state-of-the-art electrotherapy, bracing and other rehabilitation options from leading manufacturers, MedStar NW helps physicians select the best product to fit patients' needs.

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Catalyst logo
Catalyst is a nationwide provider of regenerative therapies. The products we offer harness the natural ability of the body to encourage healing and focus on eliminating the risk of unwanted side effects. We act as a complete point-of-care for physicians, connecting you with the medical technology of tomorrow, as well as billing and marketing support.
  • Alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M)
  • Human Amniotic fluid (HAF)
  • Aquicell™ Harvesting Device (SVF)
  • AQ Skin Solutions - Growth Factor Technology (GF)

HipTrac is a first-in-class medical device that performs hip traction in the same way as it is delivered by a physical therapist, chiropractor or physician. It stretches and mobilizes the hip joint, decreasing pressure in the joint and relaxing the muscles around it, resulting in decreased pain. HipTrac helps to increase mobility, functionality and quality of life for patients with hip osteoarthritis as well as create an optimal environment for training and recovery for athletes.

Joint Active Systems
Joint Active Systems (JAS) is the innovator and market leader for adjunctive stress relaxation and low-load stretch therapy, the proven approach for fast and effective joint range of motion (ROM) restoration.

Guardian Rehabilitators - Knee braces
Guardian REHABILITATORS ~ Guardian Knee Braces, distributed by MedStar, are the only clinically proven braces to significantly delay the progression of knee OA, demonstrate significant improvements in patient leg strength, pain relief, and patient gait after only 90 days of brace wear.

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MedStar DME provides complete and personalized instruction to the patient utilizing an experienced team of field professionals focused on specific Durable Medical Equipment (as indicated by the treating physician) for rehabilitation and non-surgical orthopedic applications. The benefits of this personalized instruction provides for improved patient compliance, which facilitates better treatment outcomes. We strive for transparent health insurance communication and expectations.

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MedStar Ancillary is our focus on helping clinics put profit back into their business. With creative and intelligent partners in regenerative medicine, non-commercially available compounded medications, manufactured medications, toxicology, allergy testing, billing services and patient financing, MedStar is helping clinics establish best practices and establish financial aspect. Patient outcomes, good medicine, compliance and policies are always a top priority with our solutions and services.

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MedStar Supply Distribution and Logistics is centrally located in downtown Portland's South Waterfront district near OHSU. Our 1000 sq. ft. warehouse is home to hundreds of products and styles of kinesiology tape, iontophoretic delivery electrodes, clinical electrodes, manufactured pain creams, exercise bands and tubing, clinical and portable cold laser equipment and durable medical equipment including: TENS, LSOs, CTX, ASOs, most bracing and cold therapy. With our elite partnership with North Coast Medical, a leader in Occupational, Physical and Hand Therapy medical markets, we can service our NW customers with more products — freight free in two days or less. We ship daily throughout the US and our local reps delivery 90% of our orders within 48 hours. Our pricing beats all national and regional distributors.